Bath Bombs $4.50 each or

  4 for $15

For an “explosion” of softness & scrumptious scents, add one to a warm bath. Enjoy 29 enticing scents.

Anti-Stress                                    Merlot

Bellini                                             Moroccan Nights                                               

Birthday Cake                              Ocean Mist                     

Blueberries & Cream                Peaches & Cream                     

Bubble Gum                                 Relaxation

Candy Apple                                 Spicy Citrus

Cloud Nine                                    Strawberries & Cream                   

Cotton Candy                               Strawberry Banana

Cranilla                                          Sunberry

Dreamcatcher                             Tranquility

Escape                                            Triple Berry       

Eucalyptus - Cold Buster         Very Vanilla

Grape Expectations                   Watermelon       

Hawaiian Sunrise                       Zesty Lemon                               




                                                                                    98% NATURAL



Aromatherapy Bath Bombs - $4.50 each or 4 for $15

Certified Organic! Contains baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, mineral salt, organic sea kelp powder, water, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, argan oil, essential oils and Vitamin E. These bath bombs do not have any color except those listed with color next to the scent - available in 12 scents!

Bliss                                                                     Relaxing Detox

Chamomile (Blue)                                          Sensual

Grapefruit (Pink)                                           Serenity

Lavender (Purple)                                         Stress Relief

Lemon Lime (Green)                                    Sweet Dreams

Muscle Melt                                                      Unwind


Body Lux Bath Bombs - $5.95

These cute little bath bombs not only give you the relaxing effects of a bath salt, but also a splash of timed colors and joyous scents. Find your favorite shape, or try them all! Each variety promises a new color explosion for your bath.


Body Lux Unicorn Horn

Bath Bombs - $5.95

  • Cute and colorful unicorn horn shaped bath bombs show a display of color before revealing a fun little bath toy at the core. Soak, Play, and Enjoy.


Doughnut Bath Bombs with Toy - $5.95

What's better than a fun and colorful bath bomb? One that comes with a sweet little toy on top. Enjoy the explosion of color and scent in your bath along with the tiny friend that                                                      comes with.


ANIMALZ BATH BOMBS - $4.50 each or 4 for $15!

A fun way to soften skin! Add one to a warm bath to create an explosion of luscious scents! Not recommended for children under 3.

Available in 10 great scents!

                                                          Banana Split
                                                          Birthday Cake
                                                          Bubble Gum
                                                          Cotton Candy
                                                          Strawberry Banana
                                                          Sugar Cookie
                                                          Triple Berry



Shower Spritzers - $4.50  each or 4 for $15


Place a Shower Spritzer on your shower floor to add a “burst” of aroma to your shower. A great way to start off your day.

Available in 12 amazing scents:



Cold Buster - Eucalyptus


Energizing - Peppermint




Relaxation - Lavender

Spicy Citrus