The Lakit - $79.95

This diffuser will modernize any room, bedroom or workplace. This new addition to the mountain line diffusers is named after Lakit Mountain at 7700 ft and world renowned hiking trail.

 Dimensions: 17x17x18cm


The Music Diffuser - $89.95

Combine your two favourites, diffusing and music. This diffuser hooks up to your phone or bluetooth devices to play your favorite tunes while pumping moisture and you desired oil blends into the air. Ceramic with Bluetooth speaker size 7” x 7 ” 300 ml/60 sq meters/50-70ml per hour on high/35 ml per hour on low


Aroma Mist Vase - $59.95

  • The Aroma Mist Vase Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser maintains a fresh, aromatic and soothing atmosphere in any room.

  • Features & Specification: Ultrasonic technology, easy to use, whisper quiet, dry air relief, multi colored LED bulb

  •                                                                 Size: 14.5 cm X 13.2 cm X 13.2 cm                                                                  Water Capacity 300 ml                                                                                      Runtime 10 hours

  •                                                                 Timer runtime 2 hrs or 4 hrs

  •                                                                 Coverage 15 - 20 Square meters


The Pip Squeak - $44.95

This mini diffuser is a timeless look that works great in any space. Great for travel or to have in the office. Features: 7 colour LED colour changing lights, running time 3 hours. Capacity: 130 ML Size: 95mm x 95 mm x 145 mm Plug: USB for laptop or phone adapter. Room size approximately 20-40 Square meters


Cleantab Diffuser Cleansing Tablets 6-Pack - $12.95

Can be used with all ultrasonic diffusers. Manufactured by an SDI Champion recognized by the U.S. EPA. Environmentally friendly Directions:Fill water tank with water and add 1 tablet. Run diffuser for 2 hours or maximum duration until all water in the tank has been diffused. Remove any excess water and rinse water tank thoroughly. Resume normal use as per manufacturers operating instructions.


Mosaic Venetian Glass Candle Diffuser - $19.95

Beautiful, handcrafted Mosaic Venetian Glass Candle Diffuser. Size: 11.0cm x 11.0cm x 14.5cm


Pure Beeswax Tealight Candle $1.95 each or 3 for $5

Great to use in the candle diffuser above.


Essential Oil Car Vent Diffuser - Tree of Life - $17.95

Fresh & Aromatic on-the-go! These stainless steel (304) diffuser lockets clip effortlessly onto the air vents in most cars and operate without the need for water, heat, or chemicals. Each diffuser includes 3 colored essential oil pads.


Venezia Bottle Diffuser Necklace - $39.95

Featuring Beautifully Designed Hand-Blown Glass Vessels. Nickel-free stainless steel chain.


AromaLocket Mini - $33.95

Crafted from polished 316L surgical stainless steel this essential oil diffuser necklace allows you to experience a gradual diffusion of your essential oils throughout your day, wherever you go. Comes with 1 diffuser necklace, 22 inch chain, and three aromatherapy pads.


Firenze Aroma Diffuser Bracelet - Black - $29.95

Elegant Jewelry for Diffusing your Favorite Essential oils in style. Each piece includes an essential oil dropper.


Mother Nature Aroma Diffuser Bracelet - Floral Lavender - $9.95


Aroma Mala Bracelet - $9.95

Handmade by artisans in Bali and packaged with a 1.5ml vial of Pure essential oils.The porous Mala beads diffuse essential oils naturally.

Available in different colors with different oils including grapefruit, lavender, lemon, peppermint and relaxation blend.


Aroma Lava Bracelets - $6.95

Handmade by artisans in Bali and packaged with a 1.5ml vial of Pure essential oils.The porous lava beads diffuse essential oils naturally.

Available in differnet colors and oils including: grapefruit, lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, ylang ylang and energizing and relaxing blends.