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"I'm a severe asthmatic and have struggled with this illness over the past couple of years. My airways deteriorated and it was difficult to function daily. A year and a half ago I was on 8 steroid based medications to function. I was told I would never recover and had to accept this as my quality of life. I did not accept this diagnosis and started to learn about natural approaches to healing. I learned about energy healing, natural vitamins and negative ions. I was advised by my herbalist that salt was the best element for my lungs/airways. I was told about Halotherapy spa from a friend and decided to look it up. I met Lenore and tried the Himalayan salt therapy room. I was in rough shape when I met her. In my first visit my lung capacity improved - I could take a complete, full deep breath on my own. This is something I cannot do on my own. I've been going consistently since November. My entire body suffers from drastic weather changes. I can't breathe and am extremely fatigued. Halotherapy helped me through our drastic winter. My stress levels are lower, I'm less fatigued, I can breathe better and my energy is increased after each treatment. Halotherapy spa offers many natural products. I've purchased my salt lamp, vitamins, Dead Sea salt products and my alkaline water filter. This water filter will help neutralize the inflammation in my body that contributes to my asthma flare ups. I highly recommend Halotherapy - it's a wonderful experience. It will help with so many ailments like respiratory issues, allergies, skin conditions and stress. Himalayan salt therapy has been used for century's for healing. I am so happy this therapy is now in our city. The atmosphere of the treatment is completely relaxing and highly recommended."


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